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Nobody is referring to a labor shortage currently. There is a lot of banter concerning how to manage GenY's, and Millennials. However a forgotten group could be the Zoomers -- the "50 plus" generation. Media innovator Moses Znaimer made a new method to comprehend the "50 plus."

"The population bubble that's the youth market 30 years ago is, today, industry I've defined as Zoomers," says Znaimer. "They were the dominant generation then... they remain the dominant generation now. Zoomers really are a growing, vibrant and affluent community. They look with the world with optimism; they may be engaged and aspire to enrich their lives and the lives with their communities."

Zoomers encompass the two Seniors (ages 44 to 62) and people older.

It's really a vast group -- 14.5 million, accounting for 44 per-cent of people, and controlling over 77 per-cent of Canadian wealth. they probably control much of the wealth in America and Europe too.

Taking a look at more interesting statistics that tell the intellectual prowess of Zoomers:

 The fastest growing demographic on Facebook remains to be women over 55 -- now there are nearly 1.5 million of them participating in Facebook every month.
 There are about 4.6 000 0000 Facebook users 45 -- 54, and two.8 million over 55. The amount of these intellectually vibrant everyone is growing everyday.

Well, a lot of them. Simple truth is, there are tons of burned out Zoomers available just waiting to flee the shackles in the corporate tread mill. Believe me, all of them time inside my are a corporate psychologist.

And therein is the challenge for leaders and managers. Many Zoomers feel made to stay working because their fortune have reduced terribly. Other people are still attempting to work, maybe in a different way than we did 25 -- 30 years ago but work still provides a great deal of meaning.

Are you able to ignore needing to pay special focus on training, motivating, and engaging your Zoomer employees? They ought to be happy simply to work, right? Absolutely no way.

This excellent Disruption is responsible for us to hunker down and attempt our very best to maintain our jobs. I personally use the initial person here because I'm 66 and am still very involved in the working world on Twitter, LinkedIn, writing articles for ezines, producing vlogs, blogging, webinars, virtual book tours and iPhone apps.

Zoomers have been in work for years. We've got lots of experience -- the excellent, unhealthy, the ugly and the beautiful -- to contribute. We grew up thinking the world was our oyster. We have been disappointed yet still time living a most affluent life interrupted by periods of great anxieties about what are you doing to world -- both personally and globally.

So a supervisor probably know that a still employed Zoomer knows the ropes, how to work the device, has seen management fads -- and managers -- appear and vanish.

S/he is often a sometimes "crusty" element to deal with at work. Be respectful. Request a Zoomer's input (i will be reluctant initially because we've got been asked often, only to be prevented).

Zoomers be visible on time. We are resentful of GenY's and Millennials that are more casual regarding the time. So managers you will have to be highly skilled at dealing with conflict relating to the generations. As being a skilful negotiator you'll have to understand how to incorporate the divergent values in the generations.

Managers should outline your expectations clearly to Zoomers. The alive, bright, ambitious ones will require to that. The laggards will resent you. You'll need to stay this course although it is not alienating them. One on one's can work well to shift a disengaged Zoomer right into a more committed employee. Zoomers tend to be more employed to acquiescing to authority than GenY's or Millennials. Get it done in private to nuture the Zoomer's self-respect.

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